Designer Mark Braun took the fascinating distant world as an opportunity and developed the PLANETARIUM lantern. The designer and KPM Berlin share a sense of things that are made with a lot of attention and a high level of craftsmanship. This sense of value and quality was the basis for our joint work. The result is a limited series in a minimalist design that tells a journey through our planetary system and invites you to get to know the world of KPM porcelain in a new way.


Light, the central element of our planetary system: Bound by their gravitational pull, 8 planets orbit the sun in their own perfect rhythm. Inspired by this power, the PLANETARIUM represents a lantern series of 8 hand-applied decor variants. Complemented by a handwritten note that records the number of days that the celestial body needs for one revolution of the sun, the PLANETARIUM becomes a collector's item - for moments of peace, harmony and deceleration. Each lantern made of velvety bisque porcelain works as a solitary object as well as in a stackable combination. So let's begin the journey through our planetary system.

Mark Braun together with the KPM Berlin manufacturers producing the lantern. Everyone is united by a love of craftsmanship and quality.