Only the best for our guests! That may also have been the motto of former Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit when he presented the Obamas with porcelain from the Royal Porcelain Manufactory during their state visit a few years ago. We'll tell you which pieces Barack, Michelle, Malia Ann and Sasha were allowed to take with them to the USA as souvenirs - maybe you're also looking for such a statesmanlike gift?

Both Obama daughters were each able to enjoy a small porcelain BEAR . If you have ever visited Berlin, you will have noticed the huge sculptures in the cityscape. The Berlin heraldic animal is repeatedly designed by different artists or personalities and placed in prominent places. It represents the many faces and colorful diversity of the city . Even the Queen was happy to receive a little bear during one of her visits to Germany. No wonder that the handy figures from KPM are the ideal souvenirs, right?

The former US President himself received a souvenir with a very special meaning: a model of the BRANDENBURG GATE. Like no other building , it symbolizes the city's eventful past . The fact that it is also the place where Barack Obama gave a speech to 4,000 invited guests gives the present a personal touch. A piece of history to take with you - which, by the way, also belonged to Pope Benedict XVI. can call his own.

The First Lady was presented with a stylish CADRE vase with detailed poppy painting. The floral motif is an exciting contrast to the strict shape, through which the rectangular vessel follows the Bauhaus design ideal. It was Trude Petri who, in 1967, designed the vase as a reference to her tea caddy from the URBINO service, which she had created around 30 years earlier - which is also a piece of German (design) history .

The fact that the state gifts come from KPM is not only due to the symbolic nature of the porcelain pieces, but also to the history of the company. Acquired by King Frederick II of Prussia in 1763, the manufactory is now one of the oldest producing craft businesses in Berlin. The KPM is firmly linked to the history of the city - and the state is essentially in its DNA .

Whether classic or modern: our porcelain carries this essence. So if you also want to give away something very special from the capital that is closely linked to German history, you are guaranteed to find it at KPM. Have fun discovering!