Book your KPM Experience or Experice Vouchers directly online and register for your desired date at: . By booking and paying, the participants/group agree to the registration and booking conditions for KPM Experiences listed below.

  2. 1. Reservations and Bookings
  4. Reservations are not possible.
    Short-term bookings are not possible. Please note that registration for our exclusive experiences is required at least 14 days in advance. Our Public experiences are available at short notice. In order for the public experiences to take place, a minimum number of four participant must be registered.
  6. If this is not the case, customers who already booked a ticket will be informed by KPM Berlin about the cancellation 48 hours before the respective public experience.
  8. The final number of participants for exclusive experiences must be communicated to us at least 10 business days before the booked date; after that, changes are not free of charge.
  10. In our exclusive XL guided tours through our exhibition space, a maximum of one free participation for a travelling companion / bus driver is included for every 15 participants.
  12. 2. Payments
  14. Payments for booked experience tickets are exclusively possible online via credit card, PayPal or instant bank transfer („Sofortüberweisung“).
  16. Please note that it is not possible to pay on site. The KPM experiences are gernerally to be be paid for by the customer before that start of the respective experience.
  18. Any additional costs / additional invoices (see 3. „Delay“) will be invoiced to the customer by KPM Berlin retrospectively and must be paid promplty.

  19. 3. Delay
  21. If the participants (the group) arrive up to 20 minutes late at site refering to the booked start time, there is no entitlement to an extension of the experience time. Please note that in this case the missed time connot be made up.
  23. If the participants (the group) are delayed more than 20 minutes, the booked experinece is cancelled and will not take place. Please note that in this case there is no right to reimbursement nor a free alternative appointment.
  25. If the participant (the group) exceed the booked, fixed duration of the experience and do not follow the instructions of the workshop leader, 10% of the booked ticket price will be invoiced retroactively for each 15 minutes of unscheduled extra time.
  27. 4. Changes of date and Cancellation Policy
  29. The experience can be postponed or cancelled free of charge up to 10 business days in advance tot he date.
  31. In case of a later cancellation, we charge a fee of 50% of the total booking amount, which will be offset with the credit note.
  33. Cancellations up to 24 hours or less before the booked date can no longer be considered. In this case the booking amount cannot be refunded. A change of date or cancellations can only be made in written form (via e-mail, or as a letter to: Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin GmbH Abteilung KPM Welt Wegelystr. 1, 10623 Berlin).
  35. Tickets for an experience cancelled by KPM Berlin will be converted into a voucher and can only be used for an appointment for the same guided tour or workshop at KPM Berlin. The voucher is valid for one year and cannot be used in stores or in the KPM online shop to purchase porcelain or merchandise.

  36. 5. Inspection of the exhibition area

  37. Groups of three or more visitors are required to book one of our exclusive guided tours before visiting KPM Berlin. Groups of 3 visitors or more are not permitted to visit the KPM exhibition area unless accompanied by a KPM guide.
  39. This allows us to coordinate all the groups visiting our exhibition and to avoid a high number of visitors to the premises. Please note that groups visiting the KPM Berlin exhibition area without registration can be expelled from the premises by KPM Berlin employees, as KPM Berlin's domiciliary rights apply.

  40. If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or by phone +4930 39 009 472.

  41. We are looking forward to your visit!