Jasmin Huwar, KPM Store Manager, and Peter Franzen, managing partner of the Franzen Lifestyle Concept Store, represent KPM Berlin in Düsseldorf. This article appeared in the KPM customer magazine WEISS No.4

Ms. Huwar, you manage the KPM store in Düsseldorf. How do you start your working day?

With a coffee from the LAB mug and emails, then I talk to my team. I am also in contact with the manufacturer in Berlin almost every day, for example to pass on individual production requests. Most customers are in the store in the afternoon, which is when I advise on questions such as: Which porcelain suits my interior? That's what I enjoy the most.

What questions do customers keep asking?

They often want to know how the porcelain is made. I then explain that everything is actually made by hand in the middle of Berlin - we can be proud of that. But it is also natural whether the white porcelain is dishwasher safe.

You have been working for KPM Berlin for almost three years. What have you learned during this time?

Porcelain is a very emotional product. Many pieces have been with our customers for years and they associate stories with them. That's why creativity and tact are required when providing advice.

What significance does the traditional house have for you?

For me, the KPM is a piece of German cultural heritage that cannot be missed or lost.

Peter Franzen already earned some pocket money in the family business at the age of 14. Today he is managing partner. Jasmin Huwar studied fashion design and has been working at the KPM store in Düsseldorf since 2017

Mr. Franzen, your lifestyle concept store is located on Königsallee – just a few hundred meters away from the KPM store. How did KPM come to your company?

For us it's all about lifestyle and table culture. We have been selling KPM porcelain for over 100 years.

How does a typical working day begin?

Between nine and half past nine with operational planning. We have a team meeting every morning in which the “order of the day,” as I affectionately call it, is given: everyone receives their tasks and to-dos. We open the store at ten o'clock.

What do you like about your job?

Along with my sister and my cousin, I am the fourth generation to join our family business. Work is an incredibly important part of our lives. I like that we all pull together and are passionate about it.

What has changed over the years?

Demand has shifted: Previously, you had at least one service for everyday use and at least one for special occasions. What was a no-brainer back then is increasingly rare today. That's why we have to get creative and develop new, contemporary products. At KPM, good examples of this are the KURLAND to-go cup or the currywurst bowl.

Text: Alissa Selge
Images: Michael Englert