KPM Berlin is taking today's International Women's Day as an opportunity to give special women in the manufacturer a stage...

Female power par excellence

The Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin currently employs 212 people, including 128 women. This means they make up a full 60% of the workforce.

Woman at the top

Martina Hacker is managing director of KPM Berlin. She passionately pursues the goal of carrying traditional crafts and cultural assets into the future. The well-being of the workforce is particularly important to her because she knows that without them it wouldn't work.

Creative designer

Trude Petri first came to the factory in 1928 and quickly produced various designs for the KPM. Groundbreaking and today, 90 years after its creation, a real classic: the URBINO collection, inspired by the Bauhaus idea.

90 years of URBINO

The collection, whose simple aesthetic inspires design connoisseurs all over the world, is based on the perfect shape of the circle. The so-called coupe plates, whose surface flows unbroken up to the edge, wrote porcelain history. The collection, which won the Grand Prix at the Paris World Exhibition six years after it was made and is now on display at the MoMa in New York, is still made and painted by hand at KPM Berlin today.

The URBINO collection

Artist with experience

Gabriele Stippa began her painting training at KPM Berlin in 1982. For almost 40 years, the trained flower painter has been creating impressive images of nature on white porcelain canvas every day. Her works of art also include the exclusively limited KURLAND Heritage mugs in the “Greyhound” and “Chinoiserie” variants.

KURLAND Heritage Edition

To revitalize the elaborate motifs of the Heritage Edition, Gabriele Stippa and three colleagues curated up to nine different colors and liquid real gold in three working days. Using various painting techniques such as pen and brush drawings, they create the works of art from the sketch to the finished, unique piece of art that endures - which is what Gabriele Stippa particularly likes about her work.