Visiting the Hamburg stylist and interior designer Wolfram Neugebauer: He creates table decorations of subtle beauty. Anyone who sits down at the table experiences a feast for the senses. An article from the KPM WEISS Magazine No.5...

The Hamburg stylist and interior designer Wolfram Neugebauer associates a story with every piece of porcelain: he met KPM Berlin as a young man in a friend's house and immediately fell in love with their ARKADIA series. A love that lasts to this day: The friend bequeathed her KPM service to him, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion. Since then, classic ARKADIA porcelain has never been missing from his sophisticated table decorations: it is the focus of every table.

Stylist and interior designer Wolfram Neugebauer clearly has a soft spot for black

Trude Petri was responsible for the design of this collection from 1938. The different motifs of the relief medallions, which are linked to the ancient cameo tradition, were designed by the sculptor and porcelain modeler Siegmund Schütz: They are not only an eye-catcher, but also stimulate conversation at the table, says Neugebauer: “Najad, Neptune or mussel: many My friends have a favorite ARKADIA motif or ask about the meaning of the figures in the biscuit medallions." This is how the stories of the dreamland of Arcadia come into today's table group in a charming way.

Black and white with a touch of silver and natural tones in the kitchen: the bowl is from the ARKADIA collection, the white jug from URBINO .

When it comes to interior design, Wolfram Neugebauer relies on furniture classics such as the three-armed wall lamp by Serge Mouille - and lots of black.

Styling: Wolfram Neugebauer

Pictures: Jule Breiert