Design not only stands for aesthetics, but also for the transfer of knowledge. Enzo Mari focuses on this credo in his work. We shed light on the artist's work, which also includes works for KPM Berlin. Because Mari created, among other things, the famous functional BERLIN service.

The artist and his chair
Dinner service BERLIN

Star designer, professor & object artist

After graduating in art and literature from the Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, the designer , born in 1932, joined the artist group “Nuove Trends”. It is his furniture and product designs that make him an internationally recognized designer. In the 1970s he accepted the chairmanship of the Italian Society for Design and some time later held an honorary professorship at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg . In his work he repeatedly deals with the questions of visual perception. His style is characterized by a great feeling for simple solutions, clear shapes and, of course, the practicality of everyday objects.

The BERLIN collection

This is also reflected in the collaboration with KPM. In 1994, the artist designed the so-called Mari vase , whose slim, vertically rising shape and minimalist design set standards. Two years later, the BERLIN dinner service, which won the iF Design Award, was created, the individual components of which can be combined not only with each other but also with other series - and is therefore as diverse as the city itself!

Vases by Enzo Mari