STEVEN LANGE has been managing the KPM Store since 2018
and the neighboring outlet in Potsdam, which together lovingly
be called the “Friedrich location”.

How did you come to KPM Berlin?

My key experience was buying a KPM figure. I was so impressed by the passion with which the saleswoman presented the product that it was easy for me to decide to apply to KPM. I am happy to be part of this family.

How do you start your working day?

My working day begins with a cup of coffee from our KURLAND service, then I review the previous day with my colleagues and then we start a successful day together.

What does that look like exactly?

When the weather is good, we sit in the outdoor area of ​​the Brandenburger Tor Hotel, which is right next to our store, with which we work on various levels and which uses the KPM URBINO tableware for breakfast. There we exchange ideas: What’s coming up? Which customer orders need to be discussed? Of course, we also talk about private topics and drink coffee from KPM cups.

Steven Lange prefers to work together:

The team at the Friedrich location starts every working day with a cup of coffee from KPM dishes and an update

What makes the Friedrich location in Potsdam so special?

The combination of long-standing regular customers, German and international tourists. It is not uncommon for us to ship our porcelain to the USA or even Bangladesh. The combination of store and outlet means there is something for every budget and the different designs delight all age groups.

What else characterizes the location ?

Two team members are trained porcelain painters and previously worked at the KPM factory before switching to sales. Sometimes they paint on site here in the store, giving customers an idea of ​​how much attention to detail, craftsmanship and time goes into the individual pieces.

What does your private KPM collection include?

My enthusiasm for our products is as strong as it was when I first purchased them. In my collection there are various vases from classic to modern, my complete Christmas decorations and a beautiful figure - HORSE ON A BASE. I would be happy to transfer a little spark of passion from myself to the customer in one or two customer discussions in order to ignite their passion for collecting.

Text: Alissa Selge

Pictures: Paulina Hildesheim