Designed in 1860 in honor of Crown Princess Victoria of Great Britain by the KPM model master Julius Mantel, today master painters from all disciplines work for months on the elaborately designed VICTORIA vase. Here you can find out more about the detailed flower, landscape, decorative and bird paintings of the opulent vase...

In 1860 the VICTORIA vase was designed by the KPM master model Julius Mantel. The magnificent piece was named in honor of Crown Princess Victoria of Great Britain, who married the future Emperor Friedrich III in 1858. of Prussia married. The vase is decorated on the front with a composition of white rhododendron flowers and on the back with white peonies in soft painting. Influenced by impressionism and the blurred background of early photography, a painting technique for flowers developed in the Berlin porcelain factory at the end of the 19th century, which made the flowers appear spatially staggered and as if bathed in light using virtuoso application of paint and a soft color gradient.

The master painters color the background of the picture with a dark turquoise background, which is bordered by rich, partially engraved gold ornamentation on colored background areas. Proof of the incomparable expertise of KPM master painting, because: This luxurious shade of green could only be created through long-term and complex experimental techniques, step-by-step color overlays and multiple intermediate firings. The composition of the colors and the exact painting process are still well-kept secrets of the Berlin porcelain manufactory.

If the viewer wanders further, the side surfaces of the vase can be seen with picture fields with bird paintings against an autumn-colored sky: a pair of long-tailed tits on rosehip branches and a pair of bullfinches on rowan branches. The polygonal base is also color coordinated with the vase. It shines in dark turquoise, air blue and brown-red and is framed by filigree, ornamental gilding. Image fields with color and gold decorations, landscape scenes and polychrome paintings alternate.

To create this unique work of art, the most experienced painters from the fields of flower, landscape, decorative and bird painting worked. Brilliant colors, an opulent decor and the elegance of the shape come together in the VICTORIA vase to create an eye-catcher with a spacious effect that is also impressive when viewed up close.

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