Berlin is the city of contrasts: where tradition meets modernity, old things appear alongside new things and islands of peace can always be found in the middle of the pulsating city. There is now just such an oasis in the KPM Quarter: the premium hotel – KPM Hotel & Residences.

Not far from the extensive Tiergarten, the modern architecture of the hotel borders on the listed kiln hall of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin . Jörg Woltmann, owner of KPM Berlin, has made a stylish statement with this house. So it is clear that when you visit the hotel you will also come across some pieces made of KPM porcelain, because they are part of the design concept and formative concept elements.

No two rooms are the same

There is a lot that sets the KPM Hotel apart from other hotels in the city. The 117 light-flooded rooms combine one thing above all: first-class comfort, exclusive materials and an inviting cosiness. The extraordinary design with an individual design language comes from the Potsdam architects Annette Axthelm and Henner Rovien . No two rooms are alike. Because every room should serve as a personal oasis of retreat for the guests. This is the essence of the hotel, which brings it even closer to KPM Berlin. Because just like the individual rooms, every coffee cup and every sculpture you encounter in the house is absolutely unique from our factory. Lovingly made and with a passion for details.

Our porcelain has also found its place outside of the hotel rooms. In the hallways you will find countless historical pieces from our collections and historical porcelain has been deliberately integrated into the interior design. In addition, some decorative highlights were created in collaboration with the Berlin artist Michael Felix Langer , which alone are worth a visit to the hotel or the in-house restaurant.

Authentic Asian cuisine at DONG – A

Whether it's lunch, dinner or a snack in between: in the hotel restaurant you can enjoy the extremely diverse Asian cuisine in a relaxed manner. With sophisticated combinations of fresh ingredients and exquisite spices, the DONG – A team will take you culinary into another world. On the menu you will primarily discover authentic delicacies from Asian cuisine as well as seasonal surprises. The specialties with a Vietnamese touch also make the connoisseur's heart beat faster. The excellent dishes at DONG – A are of course served on KPM porcelain, especially on URANIA and URBINO. The best way to find out which KPM treasures can still be found in the hotel is to stay overnight. So come by and see for yourself!

Tableware in Dong - A

Photos: KPM Hotel / White Kitchen