Craftsmanship and the desire for the highest quality. The Royal Porcelain Manufactory and the industrial designer Mark Braun have these two characteristics in common - and so a collaboration was only a matter of time.

T he Berlin design studio founded by Mark Braun in 2006 has won awards: IF Award, Red Dot or German Design Award – his work rightly deserves recognition worldwide . Because his studio represents the highest level of industrially manufactured products, accessories, furniture and lighting.

Good design makes life easier and perhaps even happier.

In addition to his work as an industrial designer and as a lecturer at universities, the designer also designs freelance works and exclusive editions - for example for KPM. The limited PLANETARIUM series tells of a journey through our solar system and impresses with its minimalist design .

In the beginning there was light

The sun is at the center of our planetary system, and the eight other planets revolve around it - in perfect rhythm and complete harmony . The lantern series made of bisque porcelain is inspired by this decelerating power. The 8 hand-applied decor variants are complemented by a handwritten note that states the number of days that each celestial body needs to orbit the sun. They are also time-limited - making them real collector's items. Earth started, of course, followed by Mars and Jupiter. Are you also ready to embark on a journey through the universe ?

Lanterns by KPM+ Mark Braun