Reiner Xaver Sedelmeier is about “appreciating simplicity, the mandorla motif symbolizes this perfectly.” The Stuttgart artist became known for loungers made of corrugated iron, chairs without seats and a garbage can made of gold.

With the limited Art Edition, Sedelmeier once again removes the utilitarian aspect of the Mandorla design and refines the everyday object vase into a work of art with geometric gold applications or neon coloring. “It is my passion to charge and reinterpret objects, materials and objects by removing them from their actual purpose, i.e. freeing them from their actual functionality. What fascinates me most about this edition is the contrast between the protective properties of sheet steel and the fragility of porcelain.”

MANDORLA Neon in 3 colors -
limited to 15 pieces each

MANDORLA Gold (Vertical, Square, Horizontal)
- limited to 25 pieces each

Reiner Xaver Sedelmeier creates a refinement of the pure white Mandorla design through the surface application. Metallic gold or the neon shades of pink, orange and yellow shimmer depending on the light and form a radiant shell around the actual mandorla. “Which in a certain way creates a very special aura,” said Sedelmeier in an interview.


Mandorla designer in an interview