Erwin Wurm is the most important Austrian artist of our time. The unique work ONKEL is the result of a collaboration between the artist and the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin and the KÖNIG Galerie. For this one-off edition, Wurm designed a vase that takes the shape of the torso of a figure in a suit and shirt, but lacks certain distinctive features.
Erwin Wurm's works are permeated by a bizarre sense of humor that puts the everyday in a new light. His work has gained significance beyond the art world and found its way into pop culture, not least through the Red Hot Chili Peppers' music video for their song "Can't Stop", in which they take up the artist's idea of ​​One Minute Sculptures.
The production of 5 vases takes about a month, because each version of ONKEL is unique and characterized by intricate variations of the central figure. These include decorations on the vase's suit jacket lapel, different glazes and other distinctive ornaments, all carefully crafted according to standards that have been in place for over 260 years.


Me without me

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(Photos: Holger Talinski, Roman März)