KPM Berlin celebrates Italian coffee culture and Enzo Mari's 90th birthday with a limited edition.

A German-Italian friendship has been celebrated at KPM Berlin at least since the collaboration with Enzo Mari . In 1996, the designer, critic and design pioneer, in collaboration with the KPM Meisterstatt, designed the iconic BERLIN collection , which shortly afterwards won an IF Design Award, whose simple silhouette is characterized by an upturned handle. Mari would have been 90 years old this year, which is why KPM Berlin is giving the collection a limited holiday outfit.


The name “Il Caffè Berlino” does not mean a real place, but a fictitious place of longing, which is intended to be given a tongue-in-cheek identity with this strictly limited edition (100 pieces each).
All three products are only offered in a set with the T-shirt (60 EUR). The tote bag is available separately (35 euros). Both parts of the merchandise are made of 100% cotton and were produced sustainably and ecologically in Portugal; the logo was applied using a screen printing process.