In the northeastern part of the Charlottenburg Palace Park there is a hidden gem worth seeing: Belvedere Palace. The three-story building was originally used as a tea house and observation tower - which is where its name comes from: “Beautiful View”. We'll tell you why a trip there is worth it!

© SPSG / Photo: Leo Seidel

The garden palace was built in 1788 according to plans by Carl Gotthard Langhans for Frederick the Great's nephew, King Frederick William II . He used the pavilion, which was designed between baroque and classicist styles, not only for private chamber music performances, but also for fraudulent necromancy of the Order of the Gold and Rosicrucians, to which the king belonged - Friedrich Wilhelm II was completely different from his uncle, who was critical of religion, namely spiritualism, clairvoyance and so on Very fond of astrology.

Today we can only speculate about some of the secrets that the Belvedere holds. Others, however, can be visited from April to October . An important porcelain collection is on display in the Belvedere on permanent loan from the State of Berlin. There you can view porcelain objects from the production of Wegely and Gotzkowsky, with the focus being porcelain from the Royal Porcelain Manufactory. In addition to rococo and classicist dinner services, you can marvel at magnificent vases with depictions of royal palaces and gardens. In the truest sense: a beautiful view!