Our FELDBLUME collection is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. Reason enough to devote ourselves to its beginnings again...

The genesis

Gerhard Gollwitzer worked as artistic assistant to the factory director from 1937, and from 1941 to 1946 he was artistic director and at the same time head of training at the KPM Berlin. Gollwitzer's originality lies above all in the relief decoration. It was predominantly delicate natural forms such as grasses or meadow flowers that kept him occupied and led to a revitalization of the relief. In 1940, Gollwitzer designed a delicate relief decoration with naturalistic depictions of grasses, meadow flowers and insects for the smooth ARKADIA service form by Trude Petri . The result is the FELDBLUME table service.

From 1928, Petri initially worked as a freelancer at the Berlin State Porcelain Manufactory (KPM Berlin) under the direction of Nicola Moufang. When Günther von Pechmann took over management of the manufactory in 1929, Petri was employed as a permanent designer. Two years later, the sculptor, painter and designer designed the URBINO dinner service. Consistently constructed from the basic shape of the spherical section, URBINO impresses with its clarity and elegance and is a perfectly shaped classic made of "white gold" .

What fades and returns in nature remains forever with the FIELDBLUE collection. When you walk through meadows and fields, you sometimes notice a particularly beautiful detail: a flower on the side of the path, the shadow cast by an ear of wheat, the buzzing of a beetle. The FELDBLUME collection focuses on the good life, affirming, light and stylish. Like a warm breeze, the service carries with it all the memories of a convivial early summer day.

Master painter Sandra Schmidt

As a bas relief, they create an attractive play of light and shadow on the walls of vessels and plate flags. If the delicate relief jewelry is hand-painted, each piece becomes truly unique.