Still a village or already a city? In the southwest of Berlin, people live in a classic and tranquil way; you won't find any large shopping centers here. Zehlendorf is something for people with a sense of nature and culture. You can find both here in abundance, a trip to the district is worth it!

The perfect start to the day of the excursion begins with breakfast. À la Zehlendorfer style , it is traditional and with a touch of elegance . The hearty rye crust is accompanied by fresh berries and, on special occasions, perhaps a glass of champagne - mixed with orange juice, because you want to take things slowly. Restraint is good form anyway and so the people of Zehlendorf don't brag about what they have. Which they certainly could do.

Discover history

The district has a rich cultural and historical heritage . This is also reflected in the wide range of museums , with which you could easily pass the time for several days. From the Bridge Museum to the Düppel Museum Village to the House of the Wannsee Conference, the places tell exciting stories and thus keep memories of bygone times alive. Architecture fans will get their money's worth at Mexico Square with its phenomenal Art Nouveau train station or in the listed parrot settlement .

A break from the hustle and bustle

However, anyone looking for relaxation in nature will find it at least as good. If not even more, because in Zehlendorf-Steglitz there are several local recreation areas within walking distance where Berliners often look for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Long walks in the Grunewald or the Düppeler Forst , strolling in the Glienicke Castle Park , a leisurely stroll on the beautiful Peacock Island - if you're drawn to the countryside, this is the right place for you. What is particularly characteristic of the district is its proximity to the water . Whether Schlachtensee , Krumme Lanke , the islands of Lind- and Schwanenwerder or the nearby Wannsee : everywhere the cool water ensures that Zehlendorf sparkles and glitters.

That's exactly why our newest member of the Colors of Berlin edition , whose irritating copper tone is dedicated to Zehlendorf, shimmers and shines . We have removed the iconic cup from the BERLIN service designed by Enzo Mari in 1996 together with the designers from KPM and are honoring the different parts of the city with their own color schemes. So you can live in Munich, but enjoy your morning pick-me-up in Mitte , have your afternoon coffee in Tiergarten and drink your evening tea in Charlottenburg . Or which is your favorite district?