It's rare to get a good night's sleep in Tiergarten because it simply has so much to offer: For example, you can have breakfast on the go, in the fresh air and in a classic, original Berlin style. Let's go for a walk then...

The centerpiece and namesake of the district is of course the Tiergarten, which with its 200 hectares is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world and is also known as Berlin's “green lung” . Anyone who enjoys nature here can escape the noise of the city, take a deep breath and listen to the birdsong .

Elector Friedrich III used the large park as a hunting ground until the end of the 17th century, before it was opened as a “pleasure garden for the people”. After the Second World War, however, it almost looked as if the zoo would lose its green residents due to deforestation for firewood. Starting in 1949, the park was reforested with tree donations from all over Germany and is now a place that real Berliners, newcomers and visitors alike enjoy .

If you leave the Tiergarten looking for a typical Berlin breakfast, you just have to keep an eye out for the next snack bar . Here you are served crispy Viennese with pancakes and mustard . Add a hot, black filter coffee and your morning refreshment is complete. Then we continue through the embassy district with its impressive villas and of course to the heart of the capital , the government district. There are also some cultural sights in the immediate vicinity, such as the Cultural Forum or the House of World Cultures, which are always a good place to go, especially in unstable weather.

And the KPM is also a resident of the historic district . When you leave the Tiergarten towards the northwest, you can pay a visit to our factory and take your new breakfast cup in the lush green with you. In contrast to the classic white of the porcelain, it shines particularly lively and thus perfectly reflects the importance of the green district for Berlin - an oasis of peace in the exciting urban jungle .

The Colors of BERLIN collection is an expression of KPM's connection to its hometown . The popular BERLIN breakfast cup is available in various hand-sprayed luster colors, with each iridescent color dedicated to a different district.

The warm wedding violet and the particularly elegant Charlottenburg mother-of-pearl will also become a stylish highlight on every Berlin breakfast table!