Dominik Bausinger has been working in the catering industry for almost 30 years. Among other things, with his bar “San Remo Upflamör” in Berlin. Together with crowdfunding specialist Konrad Lauten, he is applying for the completely renovated gastronomy at the House of World Cultures in 2018. With success: The creative duo has been running the “Weltwirtschaft” at the Tiergarten for almost two years, with a restaurant, beer garden and rooftop kiosk – and a wonderful view of Parliament and the Spree. In this interview from our WEISS Magazine No. 5 find out more...

How would you describe your concept?

Bausinger: We are an open house and don't just want to serve an elite audience. That's why we consciously decided to have more variety: We serve fine à la carte cuisine in the restaurant and really good pizza and snacks in our beer garden. We don't actually have to go. This is a bit difficult at the moment, but it is a goal that we will work towards again in the near future. People have so much space here to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere, a good meal or a drink - if they are allowed to.

They also serve on KPM porcelain. Why did you choose this?

Bausinger: KPM Berlin is a company with a great tradition that has been producing high-quality tableware and great lines for a long time. We chose the LAB series. It fits our appearance well. Although our building was built in the 1950s, its clear structures still have a certain Bauhaus feel.

What do you particularly like about KPM?

Bausinger: We use the KPM pieces for evening service in the restaurant or at smaller events. The plates are very simple. Dishes can be beautifully presented on it.

Do you have a style tip for us?

Bausinger: We keep it minimalistic, don't have tablecloths, but we like to set accents. This could be a glass that is out of line or a vase. Due to small differences in style, the KPM tableware becomes more important again.

How is this received by the guests?

Bausinger: The LAB series in particular appeals to people who are not particularly familiar with classic services. Everyone who has anything to do with design and aesthetics - and there are quite a few of them at the House of World Cultures - is impressed by it.