A tasteful interior design, a fantastic view over the capital and a sophisticated menu - you don't necessarily expect this combination in the Berlin Funkturm. We'll tell you what the TV tower's older brother is all about and what role the Royal Porcelain Manufactory played in its construction!

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The 147 meter high steel tower was put into operation in 1926 for the 3rd Great German Radio Exhibition . This makes the landmark in Berlin's Westend 43 years older than the television tower on Alexanderplatz. The radio tower made technological history when the first television picture in Germany was broadcast from here in 1929 - and from 1935 the world's first regular television program. But that's not all: As the only radio tower in the world , its four feet are connected to the foundation via porcelain insulators , which were used to ground the electrical voltage. And this porcelain, which can withstand a pressure of 1,400 tons per foot, comes from the Royal Porcelain Manufactory !

Today the “Lange Lulatsch”, as it is also called, houses a restaurant at a height of 55 meters with seating for up to 100 people. With the nostalgic charm of the 1920s, it is the ideal backdrop for private celebrations or stylish events . Come by, enjoy the view - and maybe you'll spot the KPM signet at the feet of the tower.