Nora Lange loves art, photography and baking. The TV presenter, food blogger and mother explained in the third issue of our KPM Berlin customer magazine WEISS how porcelain from KPM Berlin plays a role and why some pieces are true works of art for her...

KPM has accompanied my family and me for many years. I can even still remember my first encounter with the wonderful porcelain. It was a weekend on Sylt - I love the island with its thatched houses, the low roofs, the typical island roses, the smell of salt and heather. We arrived late in the evening and were invited to friends for breakfast the next morning. The KURLAND dishes stood on a slightly weathered teak table on the terrace, in the background the North Sea shimmered blue-gray-silver in the sunlight. A sight to fall in love with! I knew immediately that I wanted the porcelain for my home too.

Today KURLAND accompanies us from breakfast to dinner. While my family is still sleeping, I drink my first tea from the to-go cup. This half hour very early in the morning is precious: a little luxury that I can enjoy in peace and quiet. I usually sit at the dining table and plan the day ahead. I try to arrange all appointments and tasks so that there is still enough time for us as a family. And of course also for our two dogs Grace and Kelly. My husband and I are art lovers. A few years ago he infected me with his passion.

On her Instagram account and the food blog “All hunky dory” Nora Lange presents delicacies on porcelain from KPM Berlin. In her home she decorates eye-catching flowers and leaves in the CHINESE , JAPANESE and SALIER vases or converts pieces from the LAB series into plant pots.

We combine some works of art with vases from KPM. Currently those that are related to the centenary of the Bauhaus.

Our collection includes the works of very different artists from home and abroad. The focus is on contemporary works. I think it's particularly nice that we are now friends with many artists. We combine some of her works with vases from KPM. Currently especially with those related to the centenary of the Bauhaus. The art school founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 was something completely new in terms of style and concept, a first-time combination of art and craftsmanship. The KPM Berlin took this as an opportunity to combine tradition and modernity in the style of New Objectivity. For the current collection, edited to commemorate 100 years of Bauhaus, the design team reinterpreted the HALLE vase series. We particularly like it because porcelain is a central material in art. Not only in Asia, but also in Europe and especially in Germany. Each piece is like a sculpture. Combined with painting and graphics, the HALLE vases in the Bauhaus style have a very special effect.

Nora Lange lives on the outskirts of Düsseldorf in the middle of the countryside. One of her passions is baking. She prefers to have her coffee table in the garden.

I try to create my own art as a still life and food photographer. It's important to me that the photos tell a story and arouse emotions. Photographers call this storytelling because our brain processes images many times faster than text. And so an image conveys an emotion, a moment or a mood much more quickly. It is a privilege for me to be able to work with KPM. This way I can combine my love for KPM Berlin porcelain with my passion for photography.

More information at www.noralange.de

Text: Nora Lange

Images: Andrea Heinsohn