The best praise for a traditional company like KPM Berlin? When the employees also bring their family members on board. We proudly present: Katarzyna and Sebastian Kasielke-Abshoff. An article from our WEISS Magazine No. 5.

Katarzyna and Sebastian Kasielke-Abshoff both grew up with KPM porcelain, as their great aunt and his father already worked in the traditional Berlin company. In 1999, at the age of 17, Katarzyna began her training at KPM Berlin. She later met Sebastian there: “You covet what you see every day at work… and that doesn’t just apply to porcelain,” she smiles.

Their favorite piece together is the bust of FREDERICK THE GREAT: The Prussian king acquired and founded the factory in 1763. “We KPM employees are a big family with a wide variety of characters and yet we create the greatest products hand in hand,” says Katarzyna.

The couple lives in a house in the countryside in Schönwalde-Glien. There is also room for Katarzyna's KPM collection, which she has continually expanded for 22 years. “‘You work in the same company? “Oh, my goodness” – we hear that often,” laughs Sebastian, who takes care of central maintenance in the factory. After eight years together, “we trust each other,” the two say. They said yes to each other in summer 2021!