The best praise for a traditional company like KPM Berlin? When employees also bring their partners on board. We proudly present: Sandra Schmidt and Josef Buljugic. An article from our WEISS Magazine No. 5.

At Sandra's workplace, Josef Buljugic and Sandra Schmidt show the centerpiece they have agreed on: the TOAD, which also stands in their living room and is often admired by visitors. It was one of the first pieces Sandra worked on.

In 2006 she began training as a factory porcelain painter at KPM Berlin and completed it in 2010 as the best in the country. Since then, she has been bringing landscapes and other decor to life on cups, vases, etc.

Josef, whom she met on New Year's Eve in 2010, admires her ability to tell stories with a brush. He decided to join the traditional company in 2018. “When Josef came to the company, many employees already knew him and were very happy that he was now part of KPM,” remembers Sandra. They bring their children to school and daycare in the morning and then drive to work together. The warehouse clerk takes care of the logistics relating to inventory as well as online trading. In addition to the TOAD, he also has another centerpiece: a cup that Sandra hand-painted for him with a personal motif.

Text: Alissa Selge
Photo: Gene Glover