Splendor and glory for Germania! 259 years of KPM were celebrated in September in the Berlin factory. But also: the return of a long-lost daughter.

Welcome Home

A certain awe was noticeable among the 120 guests who took part in the KPM foundation party on Monday evening. Not only was the manufacturer's birthday celebrated, but above all the highlight of the KPM year 2022: the return of the porcelain painting, the “Germania - protector of art and science”, to Berlin. As a donation from the German American Heritage Institute, the 1,057-piece mural reached the Berlin manufactory in August. Before the work of art, which is in need of renovation, is processed by the painters, it was presented to a select audience by the KPM Foundation.

Jörg Woltmann opens the evening

Professor Reinhard Andress and Carsten Schröder

Gerhard Schöningh and Jo Groebel

Tini Countess von Rothkirch in conversation

A great evening

After Jörg Woltmann welcomed the guests, Professor Andress (rediscoverer of Germania and representative of the GAHI) gave an entertaining insight into the history of the work of art, which the guests were then able to deepen in private tours of the Alte Schlämmerei. “Simply a great evening,” sums up Martina Hacker, managing director of KPM Berlin.

Holger Friedrich and Kilian Jay von Seldeneck

Margit J. Mayer visiting Germania

Tobias Berghäuser with his guest

Thomas Wenzel in conversation

Jörg Woltmann and Martina Hacker

The mural in the exhibition room, some tiles are already being painted for refurbishment

Royal celebration

And yet, in addition to the almost 130-year-old Germania, there was a second star that evening: Matteo, 7-year-old son of the Berlin auctioneer Kilian Jay von Seldeneck, assisted his father in the auction of selected porcelain treasures. When asked why he actually liked the KPM, the young collector countered: “Because there were seven kings and emperors at its head. And Jörg Woltmann!”

Guests were also able to get to know the new MANDORLA collection

During the auction

Gerhard Schöningh and Jenja Carow

During the auction

Jörg Woltmann with Matteo von Seldeneck, the co-auctioneer of the evening

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