...Michelle Sosna. At 23, she is the youngest employee in the company in the painting department. In an interview with WEISS Magazine No.2, she reveals why the daily challenge with brushes and paint brings Michelle Sosna so much joy.

Ms. Sosna, why did you choose a career at KPM?

I've had the desire to learn a creative profession for a long time. After graduating from school, I came across the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin and was lucky enough that they were looking for new trainees at the time.

What are your highlights during the working day?

One thing is definitely to have the finished painted and fired piece of porcelain in front of me.

And what are special challenges?

To produce a color that paints well and also every new technique and every new subject area that I learn about during my training.

What do you associate with KPM and what significance does the traditional company have for you?

For me, manufacturing means, above all, turning my hobby into a career.

In which area of ​​the company would you like to work for a day and why?

I recently had the opportunity to get to know the production better. I would really like to spend another day in the marketing department to get an overall impression of KPM as a company and see how much work goes into it.

Text: Sina Tilke

Photo: Gene Glover