Berlin-born André Wehry has been running the Hamburg store in Mellin-Passage with great enthusiasm since 2019. This article appeared in the KPM customer magazine WEISS No.6

Text: Alissa Selge
Images: Charlotte Schreiber

How did you come to KPM Berlin?

I am a trained accountant, but have been behind the counter since 1985 and can therefore pass on my enthusiasm for particularly fine products. I came into contact with KPM Berlin during the Hoffest 2018 and was overjoyed to be able to work as a store manager almost a year later. Everything just fit perfectly!

In what way?

I'm originally from Berlin, so KPM is a little bit of home and creates a wonderful connection between my job, my home and my love for Hamburg. I think it's simply great that I can now bring Berlin's cultural assets closer to North German customers.

How do you start your working day?

The first coffee is at home with my husband from our LAB cups. On my way to the city center, I read emails on my cell phone and check KPM on Facebook and Instagram. At ten o'clock sharp I open the door to the store. This is followed by an update with my team, administrative work and of course a lot of customer contact.

The Hamburg team (from left) Olaf Schmidt, Margarita Lehmann, Gisela Müsing and André Wehry.

The four of you take care of the customers in the Mellin Passage. What sets your team apart?

Our enthusiasm! We have a fantastic atmosphere. We also cover a wide range: Gisela Müsing has been working here on site from day one, i.e. for more than 13 years. She looks after many regular customers. Olaf Schmidt is a born networker and Margarita Lehmann brings a lot of young people to our store with her fresh esprit.

What do you like most about your job? Daily encounters with people. We often receive thank you cards or a photo of flower arrangements in the KPM vase we purchased from us. There was even a packet of gourmet coffee along with the sentence: “If you hadn't given us such great advice, we would only have half the joy every morning.” This response to our products and our work is the greatest joy for me!

Your favorite piece from KPM Berlin...

... changes daily! The initial spark was the LAB coffee station. I have now switched to originals, which I look for at antique and flea markets. At home, the FIDIBUS vase, my KURLAND mug by Stefan Marx and many other products put a smile on my face - so I really can't decide

The Hamburg store is located in the city center in the Mellin Passage near the Alster and the town hall.