“Don’t!” – Some people will still remember grandma’s excited cry when the question came up about the porcelain: Can the good service be put in the dishwasher or not? Anyone who doesn't like handwashing can breathe a sigh of relief, because the following applies to the younger KPM porcelain: it is allowed, albeit with exceptions!

Grandma once protested, with good reason. Because old porcelain didn't have to withstand any machine - that didn't even exist yet. There is therefore a risk that decorations on older porcelain, in particular, will sometimes fade - even if they are cleaned using gentle programs at a low temperature.

This applies to hand-painted porcelain anyway, where the color lies on the glaze and is therefore even more sensitive. That's why decorated KPM porcelain should always be cleaned by hand .

White KPM porcelain is generally dishwasher safe . However, porcelain figurines, souvenirs, vases, gift items and accessories should generally be washed by hand.

But despite the guarantee and seal: using the machine is not completely safe. The material itself is not affected by temperature or cleaning agents, but most damage to porcelain actually occurs when sorting things in and out of the dishwasher. Here it is particularly necessary, the proverbial mother of the china box: be careful!