You've probably seen him before, the Berlin Buddy Bear. There's actually no way around him. The huge sculptures have been standing all over Berlin since 2001, colorfully painted by artists, famous personalities and children. The KPM Buddy Bears are a little more manageable and individually decorated by our porcelain painters - a little ambassador of Berlin for your home or as a souvenir for friends or family.

The large originals were developed by the artists Eva and Klaus Herlitz in collaboration with the sculptor Roman Strobl. They are two meters tall and weigh around 50 kilos. To this day, the bear symbol bearers are given as gifts to great personalities such as Queen Elizabeth II, or welcome visitors to German embassies around the world.

The Buddy Bears are a homage to the many faces of the city of Berlin as well as to the capital's landmark - the well-known Berlin Bear - and in this sense also represent the Royal Porcelain Manufactory, which is deeply rooted in Berlin's city history.

Just like their big role models, our little bears are always unique with their own character, because like all of our porcelain figurines, each Buddy Bear is hand-painted by our porcelain painters.

Whether as a gift to a loved one or yourself - the individually designed Buddy Bears bring decorative variety to every home.