The limited Atelier Edition 2022 is the result of a new edition, adaptation and further development of some treasures from the KPM archive. KPM vase classics from different stylistic eras serve as the formal stage. These works can be seen in the new Studio 1763 in the KPM Berlin Pavilion on Kurfürstendamm.

Studio 1763 is a new exhibition space in the KPM Berlin Pavilion on Kurfürstendamm.
Floor vase ATRIUM (limited to 10 pieces) and LÖBERSCHALE (limited to 25 pieces), both block stripes
Vase ONION SHAPE Meander (limited to 25 pieces)

The decors of the Atelier Edition 2022 were created in the decor area of ​​KPM Berlin. This special painting discipline is one of four working areas (the others are flower painting, landscape painting, figure staffage) and is primarily concerned with graphic painting decorations.

Set of PICTURE PLATE and CYLINDRICAL VASE CONTOUR (limited to 10 pieces)


The white porcelain is contrasted by rich black, cool gray and gray-blue. Designer and master painter Solveig Uehr consciously plays with the brush and its structure, creating subtle color nuances that enliven the decor.

Vase HALL 1 (limited to 100 pieces), vase HALL 2 (limited to 75 pieces), vase HALL 3 (limited to 50 pieces), all three BANDS


The BÄNDER decor was inspired by Ernst Böhm from 1928. In typical fashion, Böhm developed the matching decor for a square vase (also designed by him). For the Atelier Edition 2022, this was then adapted to Friedlaender's HALLE vase in new color variations.

CHINESE FLOOR VASE (limited to 15 pieces) MEANDER


The inspiration for the MÄANDER decor was the BLOCK STRIPES decor designed by Luise-Charlotte Koch in 1955. KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel, designer Sarah Bräuner and master painter Astrid Schulz further developed the color scheme and dynamically adapted the vertical color funds to the objects.

LÖBER BOWL (limited to 25 pieces) BLOCK STRIPS


Luise-Charlotte Koch studied commercial and fashion graphic design. At 29, she and her friend and colleague Sigrid von Unruh were promoted to artistic assistant for design work. She developed the BLOCK STRIPES decor in 1955 for a private commission.

Floor vase JUG SHAPE PALLET 1956 Blue (limited to 25 pieces)
Floor vase JUG SHAPE PALETTE 2022 purple (limited to 25 pieces)

PALLET 1956/2022

Painting palettes suggested by gold contouring, filled with different colored monochrome brush strokes, are distributed over the entire vase body. The title PALETTE 1956 refers to the color palette of neutral earth tones and bright primary color blue that Luise-Charlotte Koch once selected.

To the Atelier Edition

The Atelier Edition 2022 was duly celebrated with a vernissage in the new Studio 1763, the new exhibition space in the KPM Berlin Pavilion on Kurfürstendamm.

KPM Berlin Pavilion on Kurfürstendamm

Kurfürstendamm 32

10719 Berlin

Opening hours (including 2nd choice area)

Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m

Pictures Atelier Edition: Frank Hülsbömer

Pictures opening: Holger Talinski