Inspiration and good ideas often come unexpectedly. This is also the case for the founder and owner of the Berlin minimum stores Wilfried Lembert: The idea for the “KPM for minimum” collection came to him during a visit to the flea market...

It was in 2014 when minimum founder and owner Wilfried Lembert visited a flea market. At a stand he found an arrangement of white KPM vases. They made him think about the impact of the arrangement because he thought the vases, so plain in white, just didn't fit together. So he came up with the idea of ​​connecting the vases with a simple, unpretentious line - the idea for the “KPM for minimum” vase series was born. Each vase in the series now has a vertical or horizontal black line, which is applied by hand with a fine brush.

Thanks to the lines that seem to fit together, the collage of several vases creates a subtle decor that supports the visual cohesion of the group. The user can decide for themselves which collage should be created. The simplicity of the vases is always retained.

The "KPM for minimum" series also expresses the basic minimum idea, because minimum does not stand for a decor that weighs down the individual object, but rather for one that results effortlessly from a successful collage.

minimum founder and owner Wilfried Lembert

Even if the design language that surrounds us changes, the essential requirements of good design remain constant. An object is still characterized by an inseparable connection between function and aesthetics, which improves our everyday lives, says Wilfried Lembert.