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The customizable KURLAND to-go cup from KPM Berlin is the perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. The possibility of individual design makes each cup unique.

When personalizing the to-go cup, the centuries-old craft of porcelain painting is used, in which the KPM porcelain master painters apply the desired lettering or monogram to the cup with the highest precision.

Pictures, coats of arms or logos can also be hand-painted on the mug. Using the configurator, the desired image can be uploaded and placed in the desired size and position. A porcelain painter then creates the image on the cup in great detail.

The iconic relief of the KURLAND to-go cup can also be designed in a desired color from the KURLAND series color concept. Whether classic white, Kurland green, cobalt blue, or yellow-green - the combination of color and personalization makes every mug a special and unique gift.

Let your creativity run wild and design a KURLAND to-go cup according to your ideas. This means that every drink becomes an individual enjoyment and the cup becomes a personal accessory for on the go. The perfect gift for all coffee lovers and to-go enthusiasts.

Height in mm: 130

Cubage in Litres: 0.35

Beauftragt durch Peter von Biron, Herzog von Kurland, entsteht in Berlin um 1790 der neuen Ästhetik folgend eine Serie in streng klassizistischer Form, die wohl zur Ikone der Königlichen Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin werden sollte: KURLAND. Ihre Gestalt ist eine Hommage an die Ideale und Formgebung der antiken Welt. Sachlichkeit, Strenge und Symmetrie vereinen sich zu einer edlen, geschlossenen und zeitlosen Form – der wohl bedeutendsten Porzellan-Kollektion des Klassizismus.