There have never been as many slaves as there are today, says IJM Germany - an association committed to the global fight against poverty and violence against people. Together with IJM Germany, we are now taking a stand and launching an edition against the silence about the social catastrophe of modern slavery.



The cocoa for our hot drinks or chocolate products usually comes from Ivory Coast or Ghana - one of the largest cocoa producers in the world.
An estimated 1.5 million children are exploited there for the collective enjoyment of chocolate products. Many of them carry out dangerous work such as clearing the cultivated land with chainsaws, harvesting cocoa pods with machetes and handling harmful pesticides, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO). According to the 2016 study “Children at the Heart” by Embode, an estimated 40 percent of children in the cocoa-growing regions of Ghana are exposed to these dangers and thus to a constant violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the applicable national law, which is often not enforced. Abuses that are also being exploited in this country: 9.5 percent of the global cocoa harvest is processed in Germany, one of the countries with the highest consumption of cocoa products per capita.
IJM Deutschland eV has been taking action against the exploitation of these children in its own project in Ghana since December 2020. On behalf of the German Federal Government and with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), the circumstances of exploitative child labor are to be investigated and permanently ended.

"The fact that there are still 40 million slaves worldwide today is a scandal. Every single person who lives in bondage is one too many. I've looked some of them in the eye. That's why I'm very grateful that there are companies that take their global responsibility seriously. Those who work with us for real change. The KPM To-go cup is a great symbol of the high value of quality, of good work and therefore of the dignity of every single person."

Dietmar Roller, human rights expert and CEO of IJM Deutschland eV

JM Deutschland eV is the German branch of the world's largest anti-slavery organization International Justice Mission. We improve legal systems together with governments and local authorities to combat violence against people in poverty and guarantee their protection. | @ijm_deutschland

Together with IJM Germany, we are taking a stand and launching an edition against the silence about the social catastrophe of modern slavery. The heart and ambassador of our message is the KPM To-go cup made of porcelain. A KPM icon that verbalizes commitment, creativity and conscious decisions for change. The statement: “Stop slavery!” The goal: Open eyes, educate, gather strength and bring about change in order to put an end to exploitative and human rights-violating realities of life and enslavement.

"As a company with a 260-year tradition, we are encouraged every day to look at things from different perspectives, to optimize what we already have and to build a stable foundation for the future. That's why we see it as our responsibility to use our status as market leaders for a good cause to change the future far beyond the walls of the factory."

Martina Hacker, Managing Director of KPM Berlin

Heritage and zeitgeist, luxury and lifestyle

Uncompromising design and porcelain made from natural raw materials “handmade in Berlin” since 1763 are the cornerstones of the KPM brand DNA.

The Metropol-Manufaktur stands for stylish, conscious consumption and is committed to the constant optimization of traditional craftsmanship with an eye on the environment. An ecologically, economically and socially sustainable corporate culture is a top priority for the Berlin company. She has long positioned herself as a responsible communicator in a global movement for more togetherness, equal opportunities and a positive future. Now the KPM Berlin is taking a stand and using its voice to support the human rights organization IJM (International Justice Mission) in the fight against slavery, exploitation and violence, especially against children in the cocoa industry.

A to-go cup for freedom

The KPM Berlin and IJM Germany are taking a stand against social injustice, exploitation and slavery.

Your purchase is a statement for freedom: €10 from each “Stop Slavery” to-go cup supports IJM in protecting children on Ghana’s cocoa plantations from violence and exploitation.

The KPM to-go cup in the IJM edition "Stop Slavery!" is available in all KPM stores, in the KPM online shop and from selected specialist retail partners.