The work of the artist and illustrator Serge Bloch is at home all over the world. Started in the field of children's and young adult literature, the illustrations by the Frenchman, who now lives in Paris and New York, are usually remembered for their humorous nature. They are known from newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and SZ Magazine. Bloch has received many awards for his illustrated books.
After a joint look at the Berlin porcelain store, it was quickly decided which product Bloch would decorate with his art: Translated from French as “empty your pocket,” the Vide Poche is an established accessory in well-stocked households from Paris to Berlin. From keys - in Bloch's case, the ones to his dreams - to discarded jewelry and change, to his smartphone, the object "les nécessités de la vie" is always at hand.
If the contents are filled into the pockets and the apartment is left, the discreetly designed collection point for everyday treasures is forgotten - but not so with this special piece: The illustration by the Frenchman shows the "gentleman en route", ready to go out, with a hat and coat, accompanies him step by step and says goodbye in a way that guarantees a smile when the viewer returns and refills the special bowl. A charming, even practical work of art for everyday life, which gives the home the famous “je ne sais quoi” that only real French residents can create.