New Tendency, that is the vision of functional and perfected design by founder and creative director Manuel Goller, Sebastian Beauty and Christoph Goller. The goal: to make a common product usable sustainably through sophisticated design, high-quality materials and optimized production in the spirit of the Bauhaus - and this, also based on the Bauhaus, in creative exchange with other disciplines.
The aesthetic appeal of the plate is created by high feet and an almost flat top that allows it to be stacked, the appearance of which resembles the aesthetics of a Japanese-inspired architectural object. While the individual plate appears to float, the transparency of the stack gives the seemingly solid object impressive lightness.
Every piece of the completely sold-out, exclusively limited edition is, in its beauty and perfection, proof of perfect design, a maximum of precision craftsmanship and knowledge of materials, as well as the unbroken relevance of the Bauhaus aesthetic, which the partners have also translated into the design language of the 21st century. like the classic KPM legacy with 260 years of tradition.