Monty Richthofen, better known as Maison Hefner, is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist whose works primarily deal with written texts and challenge the conventions of poetry through various media; Painting, writing in public spaces and tattooing. Through authentic and often provocative statements, his works transcend the visual and take the form of social commentary.
In Monty’s work, the written word defines the chosen medium: “Different materials, surfaces and placements communicate different things. Some texts just need to be written down with a pen, others painted or tattooed." His latest painting is porcelain, in collaboration with the Berlin porcelain manufacturer KPM, where he attaches artistic value to everyday objects and objects. Fascinated by the intimate relationship between person and object, Maison Hefner believes that “through rituals and memories associated with the object, one can begin to develop its history and it can become an artifact, a memory.”

KPM+ Maison Hefner & SLEEK

The Vide Poche Possessions was available for 24 hours and is no longer available for purchase.

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