Eike König, internationally recognized German design artist and founder of the Berlin creative collective HORT, uses typography, pop art and contemporary techniques to provoke. Celebrated for his conceptual, political, emotional and visual approach, König believes that “something can be incredibly poetic, but at the same time aggressive.”

In collaboration with the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin and the Alte Nationalgalerie, his canvas is now porcelain. Inspired by the current exhibition “Touching Forms – Johann Gottfried Schadow” and the iconic main work “Princess Group” shown there, a limited edition of two to-go cups was created: König pieced together the silhouettes of the sisters from the Helvetica-i and placed them on the iconic KURLAND To-Go cup. He placed a brother mug at his side, plastered with the words EPIC FAIL, which König means as a comment on the treatment of the princess sculpture at the time: it was withheld from the public due to its supposed indecency. In this design, not only do art and criticism go hand in hand, but also art and criticism.

The edition was only available exclusively for 72 hours.

Presented by SLEEK:
KPM+ Eike König x Alte Nationalgalerie