Fledgling again

The KPM model archive is a wonderful, mystical place. Hidden treasures lie dormant there, on shelves full of plaster molds and full of stories. Many of these stories take place in royal courts, the magnificent centers of art and culture, where - as one would say today - trends were set. One of these trends in the 18th century was bird painting. Exotic animals from distant countries were proudly kept in the animal menageries at court, but improper husbandry often led to the loss of the animals - which is why they were then immortalized in porcelain. At KPM Berlin, however, over time the focus was primarily on local animals that the modelers and designers could observe in the wild. The subsequent development of underglaze painting meant that the resulting figures could be made even more lively and realistic.

With your help, we now want to bring one of these figures back to life: Choose between eight birds - from the chubby blue mocker to the self-confident-looking cock of the rock - and help decide which porcelain animal will go back into production and could therefore end up in your home. We are giving away 3 URBINO Corso coffee sets among the participants.

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