Vase, MARI, shadow-décor

Vase, MARI, shadow-décor

The archive of KPM Berlin contains innumerable historical treasures, some of which have been thought forgotten. In 2019, a re-edition of old décors will provide the manufactory with a new stage for classic vase shapes.The shape of the slim, upright vase was created from the cooperation of KPM master workshop and KPM Berlin chief designer Thomas Wenzel with the Milanese designer Enzo Mari in 1994. The shape of the piece is very unique: the stability of the 40 cm high vase, which is open at the top and bottom, is achieved by a base plate made of brushed stainless steel. This design makes the vase absolutely waterproof at the bottom. The aqueous black solder paint is applied to the porcelain with different brush strokes and then burnt into the porcelain at 860 degrees Celsius. In this way, new colour gradations and effects could be achieved, which have been re-interpreted in the limited edition.

The MARI 400 vase in shadow decor is limited to 15 pieces.

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