KPM+ Zeloot Cadre 1 von KPM Berlin, Vorderseite

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vase CADRE 1 introspectus zeloot

"Introspectus" is the result of a cooperation between three style-conscious partners: KPM Berlin, Zeloot and Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine. The Dutch illustrator Eline van Dam, alias Zeloot, inspires with her colourful, humorous, strange and at the same time ingenious illustrations. Her work as an artist began in the basement of an old school building, where she regularly held various experimental events, illustrating posters and works and printing them independently. She also designed children's books. In the meantime, her works can be found regularly on titles of relevant media such as SZ-Magazin, Zeit or the New York Times. In October 2018, Zeloot presented her illustrations for the first time on the Vase CADRE, an absolute design classic of KPM Berlin, as part of a SZ-Magazin cooperation. The artist interpreted the vases of the KPM series CADRE as faces. Faces that reflect the emotions, memories and thoughts that a human being holds within him. Zeloot's favourite flower, by the way, is the Blue Thistle, for her "the punk among flowers". What she particularly likes about her is that her blue looks warm and cool at the same time. And she thinks the Blue Thistle would do well in any CADRE.

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Price incl. Tax, excl. shipping costs

2-5 Arbeitstage
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