KPM+ Studio Mark Braun Windlicht PLANETARIUM Mars

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Designer Mark Braun was inspired by the fascinating universe and developed the lantern PLANETARIUM. The designer and KPM Berlin are united by things that are produced with much attention and a high degree of craftsmanship. This sense of quality was the basis for the joint work. The result is minimalist design in a limited series that tells a journey through our planetary system and invites you to get to know the world of KPM porcelain. The light, the central element of our planetary system: Bound by their power of attraction, 8 planets circle the sun in their own perfect rhythm. Inspired by this power, the PLANETARIUM represents a lantern series of 8 time-limited, hand-applied décor variants. Complemented by a handwritten note that captures the number of days that the celestial body needs for a solar revolution, the PLANETARIUM becomes a collector's item for moments of peace, harmony and deceleration. Each lantern made of velvety biscuit porcelain works as a solitary object, as well as in a stackable combination. So let's start the journey through our planetary system. With the earth.

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Price incl. Tax, excl. shipping costs

2-5 Arbeitstage
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Height (mm):
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  • . Biscuit porcelain
  • . 24 carat gold
  • . hand painted