LAB, Vase, konische Kolbenform

LAB vase, PISTON SHAPE, conical

Inspired by the technical laboratory porcelains of KPM Berlin, chief designer Thomas Wenzel has interpreted a classic from the chemistry laboratory, the Erlenmeyer flask, for the modern kitchen laboratory.

. In addition to contemporary multifunctionality, the Vase flask shape conical captivates with a sophisticated harmony of forms and the haptically appealing contrast moment of glossy-smooth and velvety-matte surface.

. KPM LAB shows how traditional craftsmanship and trendsetting design symbiotically merge to create iconic products. The series includes visually as well as haptically appealing, purist products that combine aesthetics and multifunctionality in a modern formal language.

. * The vases are shipped without frame.

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    Thomas Wenzel
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  • . dishwasher safe
  • . Biscuit porcelain
  • . Microwaveable