KPM LAB Kaffeefilter-Set

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LAB coffee filter-set

The ideal companion to the KPM coffee filter #2 is our coffee station. That is why we have now put together both items in one set for you. But the new coffee filter set is not only a design experience. The coffee filter it provides above all for an optimal flow time and a gentle extraction of the coffee. The thermo effect of the filter keeps the water at the ideal temperature during the filtering process. The outer wall hardly heats up at all, so that it can be touched with the bare hand without any problems. The coffee station is thereby flexibly adjustable for any size, whether you place your large breakfast cup, a small pot or a small coffee cup underneath.


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Height (mm):
coffee station 270; filter:105
Width (mm):
coffee station: 160
Length (mm):
coffee station: 225
Diametre (mm):
filter: 125