Dinner-Set, KURLAND BLANC NOUVEAU, 12-teilig (4 Personen), Royal Jaune

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KURLAND BLANC NOUVEAU, dinner-set, 12 pcs.(4 person), Royal Jaune

KURLAND BLANC NOUVEAU dinner set 12 pieces, Royal Jaune

. This is the revitalization of the iconic service classic from the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin in a faceted look. The composition of smooth-glazed porcelain on the plate and matte bisque edge, which testifies to outstanding skill, creates a visually and haptically captivating play of contrasts that gives exquisite menus the ideal stage. Just in time for the season of festive dinners and occasions provide no less than five new color variations for enthusiastic looks.

The rich colors Jaune, Rouge, Bleu and Vert, filigreed by hand on the porcelain in the master painting of the manufactory, refined by real gold applied by hand and polished to a matte sheen, tell of richly decorated rooms, fine dining and select dinner guests. They inspire to enjoy the moment and create an atmosphere that shifts between classic and modern.

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Price incl. Tax, excl. shipping costs

4 weeks
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Height (mm):
plate deep, small: 40
Diametre (mm):
gourmet plate: 300; dinner plate: 260; plate deep, small: 200
  • . Biscuit porcelain
  • . 24 carat gold
  • . hand painted